George Clooney will serve as an executive producer for a new documentary series looking at the abuse scandal within the Ohio State athletic department.

The series will be produced in parnership with Sports Illustrated, and is based on Jon Wertheim’s 2020 piece “Why Aren’t More People Talking About the Ohio State Sex Abuse Scandal?” (Wertheim will also be an executive producer for the project.)

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The series, which hasn’t found an outlet yet, is based on an October 2020 Sports Illustrated story by Jon Wertheim, which detailed a long list of allegations against former Ohio State sports doctor Richard Strauss and university officials’ lack of response. Sports Illustrated Studios and 101 Studios are producing alongside Smokehouse Pictures.

“This article uncovers the most widespread sexual abuse scandal in the history of American higher education. It is a story about power, abuse, enabling and the hierarchy of college sports that had been concealed for far too long,” said Wertheim, who will be an executive producer of the series. “Because these courageous men made the decision to remain silent no longer, we can finally begin to hold the abuser, and those who were complicit in their silence, accountable for their actions — and inactions. With the help of 101 Studios, [SI owner] Authentic Brands Group and Smokehouse Pictures, their voices and stories — harrowing as they are — will be amplified.”

Said Clooney and Heslov in a statement, “We’re very pleased to partner with 101 Studios and Sports Illustrated in bringing this devastating and tragic story to light.”

It’ll be interesting to see which outlet ends up running with it. Considering the scandal includes allegations against Jim Jordan, currently a member of Congress, it’s going to grab some attention upon release.

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