We’re back again, and this week’s guest is ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

If you’re unfamiliar with our new format, our staff spends around half an hour talking about the latest headlines in the sports media world before our longer feature interview. In this week’s edition:

0-21: Ken, Matt, and Andrew join Ben to discuss how the networks and league are handling the national anthem

21-32: The gang discusses Katie Nolan’s FS1 departure and her options should she land at ESPN (which is now official, but was not when we taped)

32-34: Some thoughts on the terrible Chargers ratings.

35-39: Jared, the winner of our Clippit-sponsored trivia challenge, came on and went 1/2 for in our clip guessing game. Rarely does one win anything by giving an answer of “John Tesh.” but that’s the kind of guy Jared is.

40-47: Kirk Herbstreit explains how he landed at ESPN a few years out of college.

54-58: Would Herbstreit, or anyone else, carry on the headgear selection tradition when Lee Corso retires?

1:06-1:11: What’s the closest Herstreit has come to missing a night game when traveling from GameDay? What’s his routine like on Saturdays?

1:12-1:14: If Herbstreit had to pick between his two main gigs, which one would he choose?

1:14- 1:18: Should we stay with a four team playoff?

1:22-1:26: Should college football and their television partners have games on Friday nights?

1:26-1:29: Dark-horse Heisman contenders.

1:29-1:34: What conference will get left out of the playoff and will a conference ever get two teams into the playoff?

1:34-1:38: Has college football reached a point of conference parity? Are fans better behaved because of it?

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