"Saturday Night Live's" Rock Bottom Kings sketch spoofed the world of online sports betting in a hilarious and not inconceivable way. Photo Credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live on Twitter/X Photo Credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live on Twitter/X.

It’s hard to watch a sporting event without seeing several commercials for gambling websites or apps. Knowing that one of the sketches on Saturday Night Live felt particularly on brand.

It started with an overhead shot of the Las Vegas strip before quickly cutting to host Shane Gillis. The early part of the sketch talked about how easy it is to not only place bets but win them. Kenan Thompson excitedly exclaimed, “With so many games to bet on, you almost can’t lose.”

The mood of the sketch then turned with the line, “But there’s a dark side, as well.” Interestingly enough, that’s precisely when things got significantly more funny. We were introduced to “Rock Bottom Kings,” where gamblers can bet on how, when and what their (less successful) gambling friends will lose.

The response was overwhelming.

“Rock Bottom Kings” was a clear hit for Saturday Night Live.

The sketch was lauded for its comedy. Additionally, sports bettors seemed keen on the idea of “Rock Bottom Kings” becoming a reality.

If there are any particularly industrious people out there thinking about apps that people might potentially enjoy, consider the response to “Rock Bottom Kings” as a potential focus group.

[Photo Credit: NBC, Saturday Night Live on Twitter/X]

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