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NBC is investigating an offensive Facebook post allegedly sent by IndyCar commentator Paul Tracy. According to the Indianapolis Star, Tracy allegedly responded to a comment on a post that indicated he would invite immigrants to the guy’s house so they can eventually rape him and his wife.

The argument began when an account claiming to be Tracy and Indianapolis resident Chris Cunningham commented on the Facebook post of a mutual friend. Cunningham and Tracy aren’t Facebook friends but the two know each other, have mutual friends and have had private conversations, according to Cunningham. The original post had to do with Cesar Sayoc, the Donald Trump supporter who was arrested for sending bombs through the mail to Democrat politicians and notable critics of the president.

In a screenshot sent to IndyStar, Cunningham commented, “Paul is on the side of the party that’s ripping kids from their parents just because their parents are here trying to get asylum, which isn’t the same as entering illegally.”

Tracy responded, “No I have invited them all to a party at your house to listen to you play the mini guitar then they are going to rape your wife then you.”

The former IndyCar driver claims that the account that was responding to Cunningham was a fake and sent IndyStar screenshots of other accounts that were impersonating him. Tracy also posted screenshots of fake accounts on his verified Twitter account. While it’s true that there are impostor accounts, especially of well known people, Cunningham pointed out that this account knew he plays the mandolin (the “mini guitar”) and that it would have been something that the real Paul Tracy would have known and isn’t likely that a fake account would. Plus, according to Cunningham, the two talked privately on Facebook about other topics, notably about Robert Wickens’ horrible crash in August.

Speaking of Robert Wickens, Tracy was recently in trouble for seemingly downplaying Wickens’ injuries in the hours after his crash, posting on Instagram that Wickens was “ok” and explained he had a couple broken legs, a broken arm and possible broken vertebrae. That resulted in Wickens’ family, who wanted to keep things as private as possible, revealing Wickens’ exact injuries which included a thoracic spinal fracture, spinal cord injury, pulmonary contusion and a broken neck among multiple fractures to his arms and legs. Their statement didn’t list Tracy by name but noted they wanted to share with fans Wickens’ exact injuries because “unverified sources…inaccurately and without permission portrayed his condition as less than severe.” Wickens revealed a couple weeks ago that he is “paralyzed from the chest down” but has some feeling and movement in his legs and hopes to someday walk again.

It’s unclear if Tracy was reprimanded by NBC for the Wickens post. When contacted by IndyStar, NBC gave them a statement on the Facebook post which said, “We are aware of the issue, and take it very seriously. Paul insists that he did not write the offensive posts. We’re continuing to investigate the situation.”

[Indianapolis Star/Photo: IndyCar]

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