Brian Harman Credit: NBC Sports | NBC used a ‘Waggle Counter’ to have fun at Brian Harman’s expense.

Brian Harman won The 2023 Open Championship in grand style. He held a lead throughout the tournament, so there wasn’t much drama at Royal Liverpool Golf Club on Sunday. Harman was simply destined to take home his first major championship. Nobody else could get to within an arm’s reach of him from bell to bell.

It was an impressive feat for Harman to pull off, but while it’s not something he should be concerned about, it might not have been so viewer-friendly. So, NBC had to have felt compelled to do something to jar some interest. Or at least have a little fun.

As Harman went to hit his shot, the network displayed something humorous at his expense: A waggle counter.

Harman, in his warmup, waggled quite a few times! The tracker picked up over a dozen waggles that came before his shot, 13 to be precise. And it didn’t seem like the waggling deterred him at all in claiming this British Open title.

The reaction to the waggle counter? On the whole, a lot of laughter emerged from Twitter.

With the tournament now wrapped up, Harman’s dominance of the event will be talked about plenty. But on Sunday morning and afternoon, golf fans at least got a chuckle out of the proceedings. Few were able to contend with Brian Harman while he was on the chase for the trophy. So, at least laughter was had with the waggle counter.

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