Nikola Jokić responds to Charles Barkley with iconic deadpan after buzzer-beater (Credit: Inside The NBA)

When Nikola Jokić buried a 39-footer to knick off the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, he was filled with jubilation. The Denver Nuggets superstar, who has a carefree spirit in most interviews, famously commented that the “job is done” and “I have to go home now” after winning an NBA Finals like he was clocking out from his 9-5. The NBA world poked fun at Jokić, joking that he was happy because the game didn’t go into overtime despite Denver being down by 18 with 6 minutes and 30 seconds remaining.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who takes themselves less seriously in modern NBA interviews. Though, JJ Redick has claimed that the Serbian-born superstar may be putting on a bit of a show. And even if he was putting on a show Thursday for the Inside the NBA crew, Jokić delivered quite a hilarious quip to a question posed by Charles Barkley.

“Joker, can I ask you a question? Did you call Glass on that?”

“My friend, it went in,” said Jokić. “I’m happy.”

Classic Jokić.

He likely didn’t call “glass” on that; he was probably looking to go home. But that’s what made his exchange with Sir Charles pure comedic gold. His deadpan delivery of the “My friend, it went in. I’m happy.” line is genius. Moments like these solidify Jokić’s status as a fan favorite. He’s not just a skilled player; he’s also entertaining and endearing.

Even if this is all a bit, it still worked. It was funny and memorable and captured the essence of his unique personality in a do-or-die moment.

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