Maybe you don’t mind that LaVar Ball is over-zealous in his praise of his son Lonzo. Maybe you like that he’s blustery and obnoxious. Maybe you’re not turned off by his outlandish goals for his Big Baller Brand. Maybe you understand why he was rude to FS1’s Kristine Leahy on Wednesday.

But do you really have a defense for this?

Here’s the clip from Wednesday’s Undisputed, in which LaVar says that Kyrie Irving can’t comment on his relationship with Lonzo because Kryie’s mother, who died when he was young, wasn’t around.

LaVar also said that Kyrie doesn’t know about parenting because he doesn’t have a child of his own, which is actually untrue.

This all comes in response to Kyrie’s fairly innocent comments from last week about how he should, “let Lonzo be Lonzo,” when the younger Ball gets to the NBA.

LaVar’s comments seemed to get by everyone Wednesday, amid the firestorm over his interaction with Leahy, but on Friday and Saturday backlash began to swell online.

Clearly, LaVar’s strategy is to pick a fight without anyone and everyone over anything, but he seems to get in more trouble every time he opens his mouth. Good-natured feuds are one thing, but impugning a guy for the fact that his mother died when he was young seems pretty firmly over the line.

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