Charles Barkley at the Final Four with a stuffed tiger.

You could understand if Charles Barkley was in a foul mood after his beloved Auburn Tigers were controversially bumped out of the Final Four by questionable officiating calls in the final few seconds. First there was an uncalled double dribble on Virginia that would have probably sealed victory for the Tigers, then a tight whistle on a three-point attempt in the dying moments. Of course, Virginia’s Kyle Guy deserves credit for winning the game with three successful free throws, but it didn’t make it any easier for Auburn fans to endure.

So maybe it was that Auburn loss, maybe it was the fact that WrestleMania was this weekend, or maybe it was Charles Barkley just being Charles Barkley. Whatever it was, Barkley went full-on pro wrestling heel mode by taking the stage at a Katy Perry concert (part of the Capital One JamFest) in Minneapolis (the host city of the Final Four, where Barkley is working the tournament for Turner/CBS). There, he first praised the city, but then told the crowd that he hadn’t been there in so long because the Timberwolves suck. It’s not quite Elias bringing up the SuperSonics leaving Seattle in Seattle, but it comes close.

Here’s the video via TMZ Sports:

In fairness, that is pretty funny… unless you’re a Minnesota Timberwolves fan.

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