Toronto Blue Jays' outfielder George Springer makes an incredible diving catch on Aug. 27, 2023. Toronto Blue Jays’ outfielder George Springer makes an incredible diving catch on Aug. 27, 2023. (Sportsnet on Twitter.)

Toronto Blue Jays’ outfielder George Springer has made some spectacular catches over the years, and he added to that total in a home game Sunday against the Cleveland Guardians. In the top of the fifth, Cleveland’s José Ramírez drove a ball to right-center field off Toronto pitcher Yusei Kikuchi, but Springer raced in a long way from his starting position in right field and made an incredible leaping diving catch. And broadcasters Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez, calling the Jays’ broadcast of the action on Sportsnet, were quite impressed:

Shulman says “Line drive, right-center field. Springer racing over, and CAUGHT IT! What a spectacular catch by George Springer!”

Martinez then says “One of the best you’ll ever see, folks. And a determined effort by George Springer. He may have knocked the wind out of himself when he hit the turf. But what an effort! I didn’t think he had a chance to make this play, but he never gave up on it, he stayed with it, finally leaves his feet, and makes a heck of a play. He’s not even in the picture there! Here he comes from right field, and look at the effort! A tremendous catch, one of the best you’ll ever see. The ball is behind him, and he has to reach behind him to make the catch, and cradles the ball against his body once he hits the turf. Terrific effort by Springer.”

Springer would then later hit a home run, drawing further praise from the announcing duo:

Shulman is currently working a demanding dual schedule, calling Canadian men’s national basketball team games at the FIBA Basketball World Cup (those games are in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan, but he’s calling them off a monitor from Toronto) while maintaining his Jays’ duties. That included getting up to call a game at 5:45 a.m. Eastern Sunday. But Springer certainly provided some highlights worth staying up for with the Jays’ game.

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