Mike Shumann at ABC-7 KGO.

Last month, Bay Area sports anchor and reporter Mike Shumann was caught on tape walking off with the jacket of a Golden State Warriors staff member following a team practice, creating one of the strangest sports-media scandals we have seen in a while.

Now, it seems that Shumann’s indiscretion has cost him his job.

Shumann released a statement Friday declaring that he had resigned from Bay Area ABC affiliate KGO-7 after 24 years at the station.

“It is with sadness that I announce that ABC7 news and I have decided to amicably part ways after 24 years together.

I regret any embarrassment I have caused the station. My recent actions do not reflect the high standard of conduct expected at KGO. Nor do they represent the integrity with which I have conducted my professional sports and broadcast careers.

I have nothing but great memories working here and covering four World Series, three Super Bowls, three NBA championship runs, a Stanley Cup and two U.S. Opens.

Shumann, a former 49ers wide receiver, had worked for KGO-7 since 1994.

Shumann’s jacket thievery first came to light about two weeks ago, when The Athletic reported that Golden State assistant coach Jarron Collins had captured the anchor on video nabbing a team jacket that belonged to Warriors director of security Ralph Walker as he left a practice in San Antonio during Golden State’s playoff series against the Spurs. Shumann reportedly apologized to members of the Warriors but was sent home from San Antonio nonetheless.

According to multiple outlets, some Warriors players remained quite angry about the incident even after Shumann apologized, refusing to participate in interviews with the anchor. A report from ESPN’s Chris Haynes seemed to imply that players felt Shumann got off easy because he is white, although that article has since been amended to remove mention of race.

Now Shumann has walked away, whether due to pressure from the team, anger from the station or his own desire to escape the spotlight. In a statement released Friday, KGO-7 general manager Tom Cibrowski said the following:”We thank Mike for his 24 years with the KGO team and wish him all the best.”

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