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As if losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the postseason for the third time wasn’t bad enough for Buffalo Bills fans, Fox Sports 1 host and professional agitator Nick Wright stirred the pot even more on Monday’s First Things First with a comparison of epic proportions.

Wright, who is a noted Chiefs superfan, argued that Mahomes so thoroughly owning Josh Allen and the Bills the past half-decade is a huge boon for his career. Beyond that, Wright said Buffalo trading the 10th overall pick in 2017 that would become Mahomes puts Kansas City’s domination on par with some of the biggest curses in sports history.

That’s right. After the Chiefs’ road win, Wright is ready to compare the Bills trading the Mahomes pick to the Boston Red Sox selling off Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees.

“Am I the only person who remembers how Patrick Mahomes became a Kansas City Chief?” Wright asked. “Who did not have a quarterback and traded the pick? Because it was Buffalo. And everyone has acted like, ‘Oh, it worked out for everyone,’ because the next year, the Bills got Josh Allen.

“Spoiler alert guys, it didn’t work out at all for everyone. It worked out amazingly for the Chiefs.”

Curse of the Bills-bino, anyone?

“How’s everything gone for Buffalo since they traded Mahomes?” Wright quipped.

Credit to the First Things First panel for poking a hole in the troll job as soon as they could. After all, while Wright may be on to something in terms of these teams’ intertwined histories, the Bills were plenty cursed before 2017.

This is the franchise that lost four consecutive Super Bowls to begin the 1990s. And the Red Sox’s drought lasted nearly a century. Buffalo has a ways to go.

Wright will have to do better than that to get under Bills fans’ skin.

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