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There are a lot of good things about Fox’s college football coverage, but one thing the network shouldn’t hang its hat on is its ability to make easily digestible graphics. 

In consecutive weeks, Fox has taken a look at Pac-12 rivalry matchups that include Washington vs. Oregon and USC vs. Utah. In an attempt to get engagement with their social media audiences, they’ve listed out the last 10 results in both matchups, while using the same tweet format and copy in both tweets.

That’s all well and good. But it’s the way the graphics are laid out that has been cause for confusion and concern. See for yourself.


In theory, it’s a good idea that give fans an opportunity to see the matchup from a much larger vantage point. However, the graphics are an absolute eyesore. If you can focus long enough to look at all 10 results, then more power to you. But I started to get a headache after just going through a couple.

There’s no organization and no rhyme or reason to the graphic. The layout is confusing and it’s like a maze to get through the results.

Don’t just take our word for it, plenty of people on social media had similar reactions. By comparison, we were a bit more tame in some of our criticisms.

A lot of the criticisms about the layout were apparent in last week’s version, but it doesn’t seem like those resonated with Fox’s social media team. Perhaps these are already premade and prescheduled? Or maybe the confusion is the point.

Last week’s Oregon-Washington graphic was just as bad, if not worse.

And so were the subsequent replies.

If you’re looking for how Pac-12 opponents have fared against one another the past 10 times, we suggest that you look elsewhere, unless you enjoy being dizzy.

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