Colin Cowherd on Joe Burrow

On Tuesday’s episode of The Herd, Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd proved that his hot takes can travel through time. Cowherd went on a rant about top draft prospect Joe Burrow, including a reference to his “small hands.” He then compared concerns about Burrow to concerns about Vince Young, and used quite the time travel to get there; Cowherd said he hated Young’s throwing motion because “he reminds me of Tebow,” ignoring that Young was drafted in the spring of 2006 while Tim Tebow was still a high school football player. Here’s video via Funhouse:

“He now has small hands, and we know he has an average arm, not great. And he has Zac Taylor, who we don’t know if can coach, as his counsel. I remember a few years ago when Vince Young came out, and I was never a big fan of Vince Young. I hated his throwing motion. I said ‘He reminds me of Tebow, he wins games, but with that throwing motion, he’ll never be a great pocket passer.’ He had a very low Wonderlic. And people were like ‘It’s no big deal!’ and I’m like ‘It’s kind of something! Or they wouldn’t test!”

Yes, mistakes happen on live radio/TV, and yes, this is about something that happened 15 years ago. And Tebow did begin his Florida career in the fall of 2006 (although he was largely a backup to Chris Leak that first year), so it’s not like this is the completely wrong era. It’s also technically possible that Cowherd was watching Tebow as a high school player (Tebow was named Florida’s player of the year in both 2004 and 2005), but it seems unlikely that Cowherd would make a comparison of a college star to a high school player not yet known by most of the country.

And while mistakes do happen, it’s still quite something for Cowherd to be speaking this authoritatively about how he didn’t like Young as an NFL pick because of how his throwing motion compared to Tebow, who wasn’t even in college yet. And add that to a bunch of suspect reasoning (including the small hands discussion, and that testing for something proves that that thing is relevant), and it doesn’t make for a great take. But hey, maybe Cowherd has a time machine. Or perhaps, as he’s said before, he’d rather be entertaining than correct.

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