Hand it to Taylor Twellman: he fully committed to the role.

When discussing Bradley Wright-Phillips breaking his own longstanding “fastest to 100 MLS goals” record, Twellman did his best to play the part of aggrieved former record-holder, running through a litany of apparent advantages Wright-Phillips had while also bringing up the non-soccer specific conditions in which Twellman played.


The knock about dinner reservations right at the beginning might be the highlight thanks to it’s specificity, though Adrian Healey failing to withhold his laughter throughout is also a plus.

And hey, Twellman brings up some great points! Although he’s not slighting modern MLS, there’s no doubt that the stars of his MLS era (and he was most certainly one of the brightest) managed to drag the league to a level where players no longer have to deal with quite as many hindrances, not to mention to where the money for players is good enough to attract foreign pros like Bradley Wright-Phillips to the league in the first place.

Twellman is one of the best soccer analysts working today, and his first-person knowledge of MLS history and his connections throughout the American game along with his willingness to speak his mind at all times make him a tremendous asset for viewers.

That he’s also a lot of fun is a pretty great bonus.

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