Mike Greenberg and Ryan Clark on Get Up Photo credit: ESPN

Jonathan Allen’s rant after the Washington Commanders lost to the New York Giants was great, but Ryan Clark’s rant on Allen’s rant during Get Up was epic.

Sunday afternoon, J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington asked Allen to assess his frustration level after the game and the usually poised seven-year veteran of the Commanders unleashed an uncharacteristic expletive-laden rant.

By my count, that’s nine curses in 13 seconds, an impressive display of frustration, which is exactly what Allen was asked to measure. Monday morning on ESPN, Get Up broached the topic of Allen’s tirade and Ryan Clark brought the show to tears with his improvised response. According to Clark, despite Allen usually being one of the more sensible personalities to get a quote from, NBC Sports Washington shouldn’t have been surprised by the profane response based on the way he was dressed.

“When you walk up to the dude in the locker room, and he got a do-rag, sunglasses, and a chain on, with an open chest, you finna get some bleeps,” Clark said. “You walked into expletives. This man looked like Sho’nuff when this started!…This man chose violence! The sheer audacity of the outfit says, ‘I don’t give no F’s. Zero of ’em.’ And you wanna run this on regular, syndicated, network TV? You can’t!”

Clark might as well have been on stage doing stand-up. And while his rant on Allen’s rant was great, the genuine reactions from Mike Greenberg, Dan Orlovsky and Rex Ryan brought the segment to another level. Kudos to Clark for never losing steam. The more they laughed, the more he gave. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better 75 seconds from Get Up.

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