ESPN NHL Big City Greens Classic Credit: NHL on X

The NHL and ESPN+ produced a fun broadcast on Saturday that earned the league and network some rave reviews.

The Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins played on Saturday afternoon, but the broadcast was far more different than usual. As we learned earlier this week, it’s being done through virtual reality. ESPN and Disney teamed together for this special edition of NHL coverage to help promote its popular cartoon series, Big City Greens.

From just one look at it through the NHL’s X account, the broadcast vastly differs from your typical sports broadcast. It’s animated, goofy, and, most importantly, fun.

Watch what happens when the puck hits the net. It goes off its moorings, a vibrant effect pops off, and then, finally, a disco ball appears!

Viewers at home were impressed by the broadcast, which is clearly designed to encourage more kids to watch sports.

Saturday’s broadcast featured a humorous graphic comparing TD Garden to the Times Circle location, where the game was held inside the virtual reality realm.

Last year’s inaugural broadcast posted similarly great reviews, so the outpouring of responses here isn’t surprising. Disney and Nickelodeon are doing their lion’s share to try and help get the next generation involved with sports.

(Which may someday have us asking: When will Cartoon Network-Charles Barkley collaborate?)

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