ESPN (and its subsidiaries) have been on a run of new talent deals in recent weeks, albeit with one major exception.

Today brought more news on that front, as ESPN announced extensions with anchors Neil Everett and Ashley Brewer. (John Ourand broke the news at Sports Business Journal.)

The main function of this move is to fill out the late night SportsCenter rotation. ESPN notes that Brewer will move from Bristol to Los Angeles, where she, Everett, Stan Verrett, and Linda Cohn will form the anchor lineup for the 1 AM EST edition. Brewer currently works as the host of SportsNation.

From ESPN’s announcement:

Solidifying the lineup at its Los Angeles Production Center (LAPC), ESPN has re-signed SportsCenter anchors Neil Everett and Ashley Brewer to new contracts to remain with the network. As part of her new deal, Brewer will relocate from ESPN’s Connecticut headquarters to Los Angeles.

Everett and Brewer join Stan Verrett, who also recently signed a new deal, and Linda Cohn as anchors based at the LAPC. On a rotating basis, the four will host the 1 a.m. ET edition of SportsCenter that originates from Los Angeles and contribute to the 11 p.m. edition that originates from Connecticut.

In addition, all will contribute to other digital productions originating from the LAPC, with Cohn continuing her role as host of the nightly (during hockey season) ESPN+ NHL program In the Crease.

ESPN’s announcement doesn’t name a replacement for Brewer on SportsNation.

[ESPN/image via ESPN Press Room]

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