Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch reacts to cursing in a live interview with ESPN. Seconds later, he did it again.

Cal’s football team hosted Washington on Saturday night. During the game, former running back Marshawn Lynch was interviewed. Lynch is a Bay Area native, went to Cal and even briefly played for the Oakland Raiders. His best NFL days came while playing in the state of Washington for the Seattle Seahawks. Given the familiarity that many viewers of the game have with Lynch, he was a natural interview for ESPN.

Lynch was speaking about the crowds at California Memorial Stadium and spoke of how different things are now compared to when he was there, when the Golden Bears were one of college football’s best teams.

Things went awry when Lynch used a couple of words that you normally don’t hear on ESPN. It’s safe to say that this interview was the authentic Lynch experience. Only, we got something far more entertaining than “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

“I’m from the Bay Area. But when I look around the stands, and I see that these motherfuckers…” Realizing his mistake, Lynch then paused and briefly put his hand over his mouth before continuing. “I mean, these stands aren’t how they were when we were here — that shit kind of got me…I ain’t feeling that.”

Pac-12 After Dark takes on all different kinds of meanings.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]

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