Laura Rutledge getting pulled by Uga.

Saturday was a tough day for SEC Network sideline reporter Laura Rutledge. Assigned to the UMass-Georgia game, Rutledge first got dragged by Bulldogs’ mascot Uga X while holding his leash pre-game. Then, during the game, she got hit by a Georgia player as he was pushed out of bounds. After the game, though, Rutledge  showed a good sense of humor in mentioning the support she got from those in the Georgia athletic department despite being a Florida grad:

She also had this one:

That’s certainly a rough day at the office for anyone, but at least Rutledge was able to see the humor in it. And hey, it could have been worse. When it comes to college football, it seems much better to be dragged by Uga than, say, Ralphie the Buffalo, or even the Sooner Schooner

[Laura Rutledge on Twitter]

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