With ESPN reportedly interested in Jason Kelce, former ESPNer Dan Patrick gave Kelce some advice Wednesday on his show. CREDIT: The Dan Patrick Show CREDIT: The Dan Patrick Show

After his retirement from the NFL after a 13-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles earlier this year, it felt like it would just be a matter of time before TV networks came calling for Jason Kelce.

Kelce, who co-hosts the New Heights podcast with his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, is a natural fit for a TV role due to his knowledge of the game and tremendous personality.

Multiple networks have reached out, but ESPN has reportedly been ‘aggressive’ in trying to get the future hall-of-famer for Monday Night Countdown.

Former ESPNer Dan Patrick thinks it may be a bad fit for Kelce, though.

“You don’t just come in and do Monday Night Countdown. There’s so much more they’ll ask you to do. It’s called the car wash for a reason. You go in and you’ll be on this show and this show and this show and this show. You’re at their demand. Troy Aikman has to do things with the mothership where he didn’t have to do that with FOX,” Patrick said, referencing the fact that ESPN generally spreads their talent across multiple shows. Kelce could find himself appearing on Countdown, NFL Live, SportsCenter, and anything else in between.

Patrick went on to explain he had a similar conversation with Charles Barkley when he was considering heading to ESPN. “I want to hear Charles one time. I don’t want it to be watered down that you’re hearing it three or four times over the course of the day. If you go to ESPN you have to really be geared up to, ‘I really like being on TV. I really like being on radio. I really like doing somebody’s podcast.’ If Jason Kelce is interested in that, that could be the place for him. I wouldn’t advise him to go there because I think he’s a unique voice right now and I would want to have one place where I could hear him.”

Patrick does make some strong points, but ultimately Kelce will likely fit in whatever role ESPN asks, should he choose to go there. But, he will likely have no shortage of options to consider over the summer.

[Photo/Video Credit: Dan Patrick Show on Twitter/X]