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Desmond Howard ripped the Big Ten Friday on ESPN’s Get Up, claiming the conference is rushing the investigation into Michigan’s sign-stealing scandal, something that would “never” happen in the SEC.

Howard, who won the 1991 Heisman Trophy with the Wolverines, talked at length about the ongoing Big Ten and NCAA investigations into alleged sign-stealing by a Michigan staffer. Howard argued that the conference should defer to the NCAA’s investigation, and that Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti is rushing to judgment.

“What Michigan is asking for seems to be fair when they ask for due process,” Howard said. “The coverage has been so intense, it’s created this groundswell of emotion. And because of this groundswell of emotion, that’s what it seems Petitti is responding to.

“Due process is in place so you don’t act emotionally. You let the facts come out and you let the process work through everything it’s supposed to in gathering facts and information. That’s all Michigan is asking for. It seems like the groundswell of emotion wants the Big Ten to circumvent what’s going on with the NCAA.”

Much of that “groundswell of emotion” is coming from other Big Ten coaches who want Michigan punished immediately.

Howard blasted that mindset.

“This would never happen in the SEC. … Are you telling me that they would do this to Nick Saban and Alabama? Hell no!” an animated Howard said. “The SEC commissioner would never, ever let Vanderbilt and Kentucky and all these other universities say, ‘Hey, you need to punish Nick Saban and Alabama right now. We know they’re on a quest to win the national championship but to hell with that. You need to punish them right now.’”

Howard also claimed the biggest winners in the ongoing saga were Fox, who televises the Ohio State-Michigan game, and the SEC, who may cash in by getting a second team in the playoff if Michigan’s season were to go off the rails.

The Big Ten is expected to issue disciplinary action against the Wolverines Friday.

Analyst Connor Stalions resigned Nov. 3 in the wake of the scandal. Head coach Jim Harbaugh has denied any knowledge of the alleged violations.

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