A bear invaded NFL Live Friday.

Summer’s often a pretty dismal time for NFL news, and that leads to some NFL shows spicing it up a little. That was the case with NFL Live on ESPN Friday, which already was significant in one way (DeMarco Murray joined the show for its duration, and started it by announcing his retirement at age 30), but then took things up a notch by putting their personalities in camp chairs around a “fire” later in the show. Complete with a cooler and marshmallows and everything. Oh, and then they started talking about it being Friday the 13th, and then a bear showed up. (Clever of it to use the flashlight to show that it was, in fact, a bear.)

Things returned to the normal studio after that, but the bear showed up again at the signoff. And by this point, it had the marshmallows.

Just another normal day in Bristol. Maybe Chicago should look into signing this guy. He’s certainly hungry, albeit perhaps not for the ball.


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