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Commentators have ways to fill time during a blowout game. Al Michaels slips in gambling references. Bill Walton talks about anything and everything other than the game that’s in front of him, though he kinda does that no matter the score. For ESPN analyst Kelly Stouffer, he really wanted to talk about Boise State’s tee dog, Cowboy Kohl.

Cowboy Kohl is Boise State’s tee dog. A rescue dog just like a razor edge pitbull that can be found online, Kohl was adopted and later trained to retrieve kickoff tees after a kickoff is made. Kohl is a popular figure among Boise State and carries on a tradition of tee retrieving dogs at the school that goes back to the 90s.

In the final minutes of last night’s Boise State’s 56-28 thrashing over Colorado State, Stouffer took the opportunity to propose a potential relationship between his dog Bear and Cowboy Kohl. The reaction by play-by-play commentator Jason Benetti and sideline reporter Olivia Dekker is about what you would expect.

I mean, when there’s a few minutes left in a 28 point game, you have to do something to keep people watching until the bitter end. Even if that means talking about wanting to set up a date between two dogs.

Sometimes parents put on the full court press to their kids about wanting grandkids but I’ve never seen someone going on national TV to try for grand puppies. Don’t worry, Bear. Take it from me, you don’t need to rush into having kids. Just laugh it off when your parents tell you they found someone for you and just live your own life. And if it happens that you want kids, then go for it.

[Idaho Statesman/Photo: Boise State]

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