We regret to inform you that Grayson Allen is at it again.

The 2018 first-round pick got more attention for being a dirty player than he did for his basketball skills while at Duke, and that’s even carried over to the *NBA Summer League*. While most of these young players are trying to do everything they can to make a great impression on NBA organizations and land a job or carve out a better role, Allen is spending his time taking cheap shots at players.

This happened on *consecutive plays* during Thursday night’s Grizzlies-Celtics game in Las Vegas, and Allen was assessed a flagrant 1 foul for both plays, resulting in an automatic ejection.

ESPN’s Ryan Ruocco and Dan Dakich were very honest — and correct — with their feelings on Allen’s fouls and his history of being a dirty player.

The first flagrant foul came with 9:19 left in the fourth quarter, when Boston rookie Grant Williams set a screen on Allen, and Allen threw him to the ground.

While showing replays of the dirty foul, Ruocco said how it “mystifies [him] how anyone can defend what [Allen] does when it happens time and time again.”

Ruocco: I have to tell you Dan- it mystifies me how anyone can defend what he does when it happens time and time again with him.

Dakich: It’s just tiresome. It’s just tiresome. Let’s be honest. Duke defended him ad nauseam.

Ruocco: Oh my gosh, yes.

As the announcers were still talking about this, Allen took a cheap shot at Williams’ head while Williams went up for a layup on the very next play.

On the replays, Dakich kept saying to “Get [Allen] out of the game!” and Ruocco called Allen’s dirty plays “absurd.”

Dakich: Get him out of the game!

Ruocco: I mean, it’s absurd.

Dakich: Just get him out of this game, now!

Ruocco: He caught a decent amount of head. More head than I thought.

Dakich: I don’t think he was even swinging at the ball. I’m telling you… this infuriates me.

An official then ran over to tell the announcers that it was ruled a flagrant 1, again, and that Allen was ejected. Ruocco and Dakich continued to rip Allen as he was escorted out of the arena.

Ruocco: I mean, this is a really, really poor showing at Summer League for Grayson Allen.

Dakich: It’s ridiculous.

Pretty much, but don’t expect it to change. This is who he is.


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