ESPN’s College GameDay honored late college football reporter Ed Aschoff today in touching fashion.

Aschoff tragically passed away this week on his 34th birthday due to complications that arose during a battle with pneumonia. As Rece Davis noted, Aschoff was often fond of wearing similar pins, along with other sartorial signatures.

“You might notice that several of us are wearing these flower lapels. Ed was a tremendous dresser, a tremendous writer and storyteller, and we wanted to pay tribute to him by using one of his favorites as far as the way he dressed. He was generous in spirit, kind, and certainly we want to continue to send out our prayers and condolences to all of his friends and family, especially to his fiancee, Katy. Ed Aschoff, gone entirely to soon. We salute him as we cover the sport he loved: college football.”

Aschoff’s fiancee, Katy Berteau, tweeted wrenching details of Aschoff’s final days as doctors raced to try and save his life. Details like how Aschoff, to the end, made sure to praise hospital staff for their work painted a picture of someone who will never be forgotten by those who knew him.

GameDay‘s decision to honor Aschoff certainly seems more than appropriate.


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