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JJ Redick made waves around the NBA in his return to First Take on Tuesday when he called out new Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers for never taking accountability for his failures as a coach.

Fellow NBA athletes Kendrick Perkins and Patrick Beverley (who said Rivers saved Redick’s career in Los Angeles) came to Rivers’ defense throughout the day. Still, it was Rivers’ son Austin who used his role on NBA Today to hit back at Redick and defend his father.

“For someone who’s not accountable, he seems to always be held responsible,” Austin Rivers said. “I have some love for JJ. You’re my Dukie; you’re my bro. I love you. Your best years were with the Clippers. I don’t think he saved your career … this just seems a little bit weird.”

Going further, Austin Rivers questioned whether Redick’s issues stemmed from tensions dating back to Redick playing for Rivers a decade ago.

“Your best years in the NBA were when you played for him and the Clippers. Let’s not forget that. I don’t know if there’s frustration there or there’s tension between you,” Rivers said. “I know a lot of the time we had to sit you at the end of the game due to defense … it’s just very ironic and kind of weird that you have this energy toward him, in terms of him never, ever being accountable considering he was always responsible.”

The younger Rivers pointed out how his father was recently fired twice for playoff failures, which is the ultimate form of accountability. So, while Doc may not publicly own up to every mistake, he takes them on the chin.

Redick, who recently replaced Rivers as lead NBA analyst at ESPN, hasn’t responded yet. But Redick riled Rivers’ supporters by criticizing the coach after a 3-7 start in Milwaukee.

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