Big Ten SEC The Big Ten and SEC will be joining forces to oversee a joint advisory board.

In major college football news, the Big Ten Conference and the SEC are joining forces to form a joint advisory group. The groups will reportedly work to solve college football’s biggest problems.

Yahoo! Sports writer Ross Dellenger reported the significant news item on Friday morning.

“Big Ten & SEC are creating a joint advisory group of presidents of ADs in an urgent mission to find solutions & steer college sports into the future,” Dellenger posted. He continued: “‘Pressures are mounting,’ SEC’s Greg Sankey tells Yahoo! Sports. ‘We are not going to be status quo.'”

Dellenger reported the news on X, the popular website formerly known as Twitter.

Dellenger writes that the board, “a historic cooperative movement” between the Big Ten and SEC, will try to “steer the future of college athletics.” He continued, describing the most pressing issues that will be overseen.

“…in what Big Ten and SEC commissioners describe as an ‘urgent’ mission to find solutions for issues such as ongoing antitrust lawsuits, most notably the multi-billion dollar House case; disagreements over the NCAA’s new governance proposal, Project DI; and the unsettled landscape of athlete transfer movement, tampering charges and name, image, and likeness (NIL) inducements.”

Both the Big Ten’s commissioner Tony Pettitti and SEC commissioner Greg Sankey commented on the moves, signaling that they were “meaningful” and “common-sense solutions.”

College football was turned upside down when USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington decided to flee the Pac-12 for the Big Ten. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah will all join the Big XII next season. The Pac-12 is no more, and the Big Ten and SEC continue to rise to the top. Opponents of all these moves have likened this to an NFL-Lite model, with the AFC and the NFC. It seems that if these two are willing to cooperate in one area, then those comparisons might be closer than we think.

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