A Spectrum truck in New York. A Spectrum truck in New York.

With the NFL season fast approaching, some Spectrum cable customers are facing the loss of NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

Not because of a carriage dispute or a package change, but because according to Spectrum, they shouldn’t have been receiving those networks all along.

Tim Burke (AKA invaluable video resource @bubbaprog) posted the letter he received from Spectrum on Twitter, in which Spectrum claims that a “routine review” found that Burke had been receiving NFL Network for years thanks to some sort of clerical or technical error.

Ah, the ol’ nine-year incorrect authorization!

A quick Twitter search turned up a few more people who received similar notices, and they were also not thrilled about it, as you’d expect:



Presumably there are more people in a similar boat here too, including some folks who maybe don’t open mail from their cable company who will be very surprised in a couple of weeks when they try to watch NFL coverage.

Spectrum, via their customer service Twitter, is responding by pointing customers to the premium sports tier mentioned in the letter:

It’s, let’s just say, interesting that a “routine review” would take place just before football season, and that it would turn up unauthorized channels for customers who have had them for years. (How routine can that review be?)

In any case, for at least some of the affected customers, any potential changes have yet to go into effect:

So, hey, maybe the letter itself was incorrectly authorized!

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