Tony Romo Taylor Swift Tony Romo explained, or at least tried to explain the logic behind the “joke” about Taylor Swift being Travis Kelce’s wife.

Amid all the mania about pop sensation Taylor Swift and the NFL, a “running gag” that’s emerged from the thick of it has come from CBS’ Tony Romo.

On more than one occasion this season, Romo, the former star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, has interestingly referred to Taylor. While Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce, Romo has taken it a step forward.

Romo has referred to the billionaire music star as Kelce’s “wife.” Here is the evidence:

Recently, Romo admitted that he was “joking” about it. He reiterated those claims to the Las Vegas Review-Journal ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, which will take place in Vegas on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

Romo told the publication, “I think you’re always trying to do new things. I feel like, for me, one thing is I add humor in a lot of times. So the people who really know me kind of get it. So when I’m joking about Taylor Swift being the wife (of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce), not everyone gets it.”

More from Romo:

“But I feel like, to me, we’re on air for three hours and 15 minutes, sometimes three and a half. You’re trying to add some levity to it, but it’s really all about the game, and you’re always trying to make it about the game.”

Granted, humor is an interesting brand of humor. In a rumormongering world littered with misinformation, it’s an interesting thing to “joke” about. It seems clear that Romo isn’t on the inside and probably not privy to the state of Kelce and Swift’s relationship and how far along they are. The cheekiness of it is somewhat amusing, though it’s clear the humor hasn’t landed a lot.

That said, Romo did publicly say he was rooting for the couple. He’s certainly no stranger to this type of attention. With that said, imagine the storm if a color commentator had turned that around on him while he was playing, knowing how dicey it got?

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