Jim Nantz obviously hits a very different gear when he’s broadcasting from Augusta National. The Masters is an event firmly in Nantz’s wheelhouse, with the staid club and pristine trappings of the course offering plenty of tradition to revere, which is Nantz’s favorite thing to do.

This year, though, he’s putting on a powerful display of playfulness, right up to almost certainly taking a light swipe at LIV Golf’s CW deal. Considering Nantz is essentially calling two rounds today on Masters Sunday, it’s been a tour de force.

That extended into a clip from Spanish broadcasters, laid over a Jon Rahm birdie make. It was cool to see the Movistar+ crew get some run on network CBS, a nice reminder that golf is truly global. After, though, Nantz took time to define “vamos”, offering both the general usage and the sport-specific usage in typically smooth Nantz fashion.

Twitter loved it:

Will Nantz break out some Spanish if Rahm wins? Feels like this might be tipping his hand to yes, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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