Jersey Jerry Gilfone on The Unnamed Show from Barstool Sports Credit: Dave Portnoy on YouTube

For years, Barstool host “Jersey” Jerry Gilfone has nurtured a beef with actor and producer Kevin Connolly over a business deal gone bad. This week, Kelly Stafford, wife of Super Bowl champion quarterback Matthew Stafford, revealed a potentially fraudulent situation between herself and Connelly in 2022.

Gilfone exposed the problems between Stafford and Connelly on X days after explaining his personal beef with the former Entourage star on The Unnamed Show from Barstool Sports.

Stafford hosted her Morning After podcast for Connolly’s ActionPark Media during her husband’s first season with the Los Angeles Rams. In a message to Gilfone that he shared Friday, Stafford explained that Connolly never paid her the proceeds from a merch drop. Rather than suing him and generating negative publicity around her media career, Stafford told Gilfone she simply acquired her RSS feed back from Connolly and moved on from the production deal.

“He’s a fraud !!!” Gilfone posted on X. “Always has been ALWAYS WILL BE!!”

Explaining his own issues with Connolly on The Unnamed Show, Gilfone said he worked for Connolly early in his media career doing golf and betting content. After signing a $50,000 deal with Connolly, the actor fired Gilfone’s cohost and cut short Gilfone’s contract.

Gilfone believes Connolly owes him $35,000 for the remainder of the contract. Stafford wrote in the message to Gilfone that she similarly believes Connolly should be punished for withholding revenue.

The beef reemerged this week after Connolly appeared on a Spittin’ Chiclets golf video in which Connolly was a guest. Since Gilfone explained his issues with Connolly, Spittin’ Chiclets hosts Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney announced they would remove the video.

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