Here’s a story that is almost impossible to fathom.

In one corner we have a boisterous and controversial sports analyst who constantly mixed his baseball with his politics.  Someone who never shied away from speaking his mind on any issue and constantly made headlines for all the wrong reasons, butting heads with his employer, ESPN.  Said controversial sports analyst was fired by ESPN for finally crossing the line one too many times and has tried to become a martyr/folk hero to many staunch conservatives in this country.

In the other corner we have a sports network who is screaming as loud as they can that they will hire anyone who has boisterous and controversial sports opinions.  They are thirsty for people who will speak their mind on any issue and create headlines, no matter the reason.  If you’ve been fired by ESPN or used to work for ESPN in any capacity, even better.  Your parent company is also the biggest beacon for conservative media in all of television.

Curt Schilling and Fox Sports might as well be like that time when chocolate and peanut butter first met.  Right?

Well, shockingly not.

Fox Sports released a statement to Deadspin in which they basically outed that Curt Schilling requested a job there… and Fox said no.

We were approached by Curt’s camp this week and passed. We’re very happy with the group we have working baseball this season.


Maybe Fox Sports was spooked by their disastrous lawsuit-filled drama with former Republican Texas Senate candidate Craig James (who it should be said got blown out by Ted Cruz in his respective primary once upon a time) and decided not to go down that road once again.

Still though… this doesn’t make a lot of sense given the current nightmare-inducing trajectory of Fox Sports under Jamie Horowitz.  Schilling is just what Horowitz is looking for – someone loud, polarizing, antagonistic, controversial… and did I mention loud?  If Horowitz’s FS1 is going to paint themselves as the PC police for the PC police… doesn’t Curt Schilling fit right into that equation?

And regarding their current lineup of baseball analysts… this is a network that is bringing back Pete Rose after he turned into comic relief by the end of last season.  You’re telling me there’s not room for Schilling to even sub in between Rose’s autograph signings on the Vegas strip?

FS1 has hired or is hiring anyone possible who caused controversy at ESPN.  Schilling would fit right in next to the likes of Cowherd, Whitlock, and Bayless… which makes Fox politely declining his inquiry so confounding.


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