Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  America is a country that protects the freedom of speech, right?  So let’s not start this off as one of those FJM-style articles where a blogger calls out a mainstream sports media member for having a “bad sports opinion.”

No, consider this merely an educational moment.  A moment where you can listen to this 97 second clip of Colin Cowherd dismissing the 35-2 Golden State Warriors as “boring” because they shoot too many three pointers and don’t have enough ball movement and decide for yourself whether you A) agree with that assessment or B) should give that person or their network any of your time.


Well, that’s one way for FS1 to become an alternative to ESPN!

Yep, those Warriors just don’t move the ball at all don’t they…


For someone who has a reputation of being a contrarian, a segment called “Unpopular Sports Opinion” is just about the most Colin Cowherd thing ever.

Again, everyone is entitled to said unpopular opinion, and we’ve given Cowherd grief over the years for things said that actually matter… but at some point you have to wonder if said person expressing said unpopular opinion is actually watching the same thing you are.  I’m not even as concerned about this being a “hot take” or saying it just to get attention as much as I am that an intervention is needed.

The Warriors have been so good, so entertaining, and so special that they bring opposing fans to their feet to cheer.  Here’s hoping Cowherd sees the light with the best thing going in sports right now, because I almost feel sorry for anyone that finds this boring, especially someone who talks about sports for a living.

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