Charles Barkley is never someone who will #sticktosports.  His appearance on the Dan Le Batard Show yesterday was no different as Barkley offered commentary on news in the sports world and in greater society.

Barkley spoke out about the recent police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis as well as the tragedy in Dallas.  Barkley had strong words regarding the recent developments and headlines.

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Sir Charles also gave his two cents about the Draymond Green arrest and assault charges.  Given Barkley was famous for throwing someone through a window during his playing career, perhaps it’s not a surprise that he said “good for Draymond Green.”

Finally, Barkley has always been outspoken about his disregard for everything that is Twitter and social media.  In the above clip, he blamed Twitter and the sports media empowering fans to say anything they want about athletes.  Below, Barkley claims he’s been paid $3 million to tweet but still turned it down.

WHO HAS THREE MILLION DOLLARS TO PAY SOMEONE TO TWEET?!?!  I know the money in NBA free agency has gotten crazy… but paying someone millions of dollars just to tweet is way above and beyond anything in sports as far as just burning money goes.

You never know what Charles Barkley is going to say at any given time about any given topic and the above examples are no exception.

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