Charissa Thompson

You know how some celebrities cultivate personas in front of the camera that seem totally different from how they are off-screen? Larry David is apparently not one of those celebrities.

Speaking Wednesday night on Fox Sports Live with Jay and Dan, Fox’s Charissa Thompson talked about her friendship with the Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star, specifically the time she gave him a haircut.

This story is totally mundane and totally ridiculous… which basically makes it like every single episode of Curb. Like, why wouldn’t Larry David go to an actual barber? Wouldn’t that have been quicker than running around a pharmacy looking for scissors? It turns out Thompson did a good job with Larry’s low-maintenance haircut, but that was a pretty big risk, entrusting your hair to a total amateur.

Meanwhile, can you imagine waiting in line at CVS while Larry David screams about losing a bet over who could find scissors first? Well actually, you probably could imagine that if you’ve ever seen him on TV making a fuss about the “chat-and-cut” or a bad parking job.

It’s actually kind of refreshing to hear that away from the camera, Larry is, as Thompson describes him,”Exactly the same person.”

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