A few days ago we told you about TMZ botching an “exclusive” report on Brady Quinn, who claimed he never talked to the official gossip rag of Fox Sports 1 even though he was quoted by TMZ.  The article was wiped from existence and deleted from the internet as TMZ tried to pretend their errant reporting didn’t happen.

If you thought that snafu would have caused TMZ to act more carefully and check and recheck their facts the next time around…. think again.

WITHIN THE NEXT DAY, TMZ was at it again.  This time, they released video of a bar fight alleging to feature Los Angeles Dodgers star Yasiel Puig.  Immediately upon release though, people were skeptical that it was actually Puig in the video.

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Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

38 thoughts on “TMZ has to retract another report, this time with the wrong Yasiel Puig bar fight video

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