During Turner’s NBA coverage last night, this could-be awkward moment turned into some hilarious television.

The Inside the NBA team were talking to Isiah Thomas (who is somehow employed by Turner after one tumultuous stop after another in his post-playing days) about New York Knicks rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis. When Thomas made the comment that New York wasn’t for everybody, Ernie Johnson let out a slight chortle. Thomas asked why he was laughing, and that sent the entire set into uproarious laughter. We all know why.

This is what sets Inside the NBA apart from pretty much every other sports broadcasting entity. These guys can openly make fun of Thomas’ disastrous tenure in New York and laugh about it. (And to be fair, Thomas dished it out by throwing a basketball at Shaq’s head… imagine typing those words with any other show.) At ESPN, this might get someone suspended or fired.


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