Move over War on Christmas, you’ve got some company.

On Monday Dr. Bennett Omalu, the subject of Will Smith’s new Concussion movie, published an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Don’t Let Kids Play Football.”  In the piece, he references his discovery of CTE and the risks of repetitive blows to the head, especially for minors.

Concussions has been a major topic for a few years now and at least one former player and current prominent member of the media has seen enough.  ESPN college football analyst Danny Kanell fired off this missile this morning:

And this follow-up:

Also on Kanell’s timeline are tons of interactions and debates with the likes of Doug Gottlieb and Richard Deitsch.

I have no problem with football players standing up for their sport, but when you used charged language like “war on football” and try to invoke left-wing media conspiracies, you’re going to lose people.  The concussion crisis in football is not a creation of MSNBC, it’s a quest to make football safer for future generations.  Being a football fan and trying to protect the brains of players don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  Then there’s this:

KANELL’S OWN EMPLOYER ESPN has covered the impact of football concussions, specifically on youth, multiple times.  Is ESPN part of this liberal media conspiracy to shut down the game of football?  Highly doubtful, especially when the network has billions of dollars invested in both the college and professional games.

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