Dale Hansen

Greg Hardy just keeps finding ways to stay in the news cycle.  This week, it was his briefly changed Twitter bio proclaiming he was “innocent until proven guilty” amongst other comments proclaiming himself to be the real victim.

That… didn’t make a lot of sense.  And Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen, who we’ve met a few times in this space when it comes to delivering powerful essays speaking truth, exposed the holes in that sentiment.

“Hardy would have us believe (and he told the NFL this) his former girlfriend Nicole Holder slipped and fell that night. That’s how she got the bruises from her face to her feet.

She walked into a wall… slipped into a bathtub… banged into the wall getting out… flipped herself onto a bed covered in guns… then grabbed her throat and squeezed real tight.

Well, I guess we owe Greg Hardy an apology. Who doesn’t think that happened?”

Hardy’s Twitter update along with the transcript release of his hearing before the NFL is just going to keep this story going.  And if anything, the continued focus on Hardy and how we got to this place exposes the fact that the NFL – from the league office on down through the owners boxes and everywhere in between – still has systemic issues when it comes to effectively dealing with domestic violence.


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