Last we checked in on Tristan Thompson, he was deciding if he should shoot jumpers with his right hand or left, a somewhat odd dilemma to be having at the NBA level. While he may have been indecisive on how to shoot, that indecisiveness seems to not carry over to his on camera persona where he basically just went for it by planting a smooch on sideline reporter Allie Clifton.

As you can see below, it almost has the feel of a dare or a “punishment” for a lost bet as Thompson makes some insinuating winks and grins before making his move. He also says awkwardly says  “You know how I do Tina” which seems to elude to something or other although we’re not cool enough to be a part of this inside joke. Anyways, Thompson then goes for it and is out like a bandit leaving Clifton shocked but impressively composed. Stay tuned if we have to go through a cycle of apologies, punishments, and prepared statements or if this will get lost in the Friday Night news-cycle.

[Video via CJZero. H/T to Wahooligcan]

About Ben Koo

Copying and pasting my Twitter bio. I'm also refusing (for now) to write this in the third person. This is me - EIC and CEO at @comeback_sports and @AwfulAnnouncing, world's greatest chinese jew, proud Buckeye, funny dude, and sports and digital media zealot.

68 thoughts on “Tristan Thompson Concludes Interview By Kissing Sideline Reporter

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