Ed Sherman has a Q&A with former Chicago Tribune colleague Skip Bayless up at his website Sherman Report. It's a rare look at how Bayless responds to the criticism of him, his act, and his show. Bayless of course rejects all criticism that his show panders for ratings thanks to inauthentic debate as he paints himself as some kind of Spartan warrior in the body of a guy who gets paid to argue about sports on TV.  

There really are some laugh-out-loud funny quotes from Bayless and it's a much more enjoyable experience if you read it in his voice.

He calls his work ethic a "relentless insatiable beast."

Says First Take is the "realest sports TV on TV."

Claims "I am often ahead on curves."*

*Do those curves include the following:

Saying Tim Tebow was the next Brett Favre, proclaiming LeBron James would never win an NBA championship, accusing Derek Jeter of PED use, and suggesting Troy Aikman is gay.

Talks about how he's lived in a Bristol, Connecticut hotel for six years… which pretty much explains everything about his television persona.

But the most amazing quote from Bayless, maybe the quote of the year, is this one on his debate record. After reading this, you can't even be mad at Skip Bayless anymore, you just have to laugh with him!

"I have never lost a debate."


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