Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan has been a rising star in the industry for quite some time for her snark and humor seen online and on Crowd Goes Wild.  In delivering a video message today about why she won’t personally boycott the NFL in the wake of this week’s national controversy, she showed a serious side as well.

Nolan talked openly about her own experiences at Fox, her chance to ask Roger Goodell about Ray Rice last month, and “playing her role.”

The commentary then turned into a challenge to the sports media world (including her employers at Fox) to give women more legitimate opportunities to be a voice in the discussion and not merely a facilitator, sideline reporter, or “social media expert.”  It’s an eye-opneing essay about the true role of women in sports media and their progress (or lack thereof), a topic that has been one of the major themes in the industry in 2014.

“The NFL will never respect women and their opinions as long as the media it answers to doesn’t.”

Well said, Katie Nolan.

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