Former NFL Network analyst and All Pro safety Darren Sharper has now been officially charged in a second state with sexual assault.  Sharper has already been officially charged in Los Angeles on multiple felonies and an arrest warrant was issued for him in New Orleans, but an indictment has not yet followed.The case in Arizona follows the same disturbing pattern as the cases everywhere else.  Sharper is accused of drugging women and then raping them while unconscious.  Via the New Orleans Times-Picayune

The charges in Arizona include allegations he drugged a third woman, who did not accuse him of a sex crime. Sharper, 38, provided drug-laced drinks to the three women during a night of partying in a Phoenix suburb in the early hours of Nov. 21, investigators wrote in reports. When one of the women suddenly grew incoherent and fell asleep at a nightclub, the women returned to their Tempe, Ariz., apartment with Sharper, where they took more shots, causing them to black out, the report says. Two of the women later woke up and felt as though they had been raped, the report says.

A grand jury charged Sharper with two counts of sexual assault and three counts of administering a dangerous drug. The sexual assault charges do not allow for bond, said Tempe Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Pooley.  

How bad has this got for Darren Sharper?  The Times-Pic has an infographic trying to keep straight all of the investigation, charges, and open cases centering on Darren Sharper's rape allegations.  Sharper's teammates have spoken out with shock and disgust over the charges.

Last week, Sharper's contract was officially terminated at NFL Network.

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