You can now officially add Dan Sileo to the list of "Things That Will Undoubtedly Survive A Nuclear Holocaust."

In news that I can't even begin to fathom being real, 1090 AM San Diego "The Mighty" has hired Dan Sileo as the new host of its weekday morning show.  To make matters even more comical, the station is actually bragging about its hiring of Dan Sileo.  1090 AM THE MIGHTY somehow concocted a three page press release about Sileo paying tribute to a radio career that makes this promise to San Diego sports fans.

San Diego residents can look forward to a host that leverages his ability to bring inside information, expert analysis and a tell-it-like-it-is outspoken approach and combine those talents with his humorous and entertaining style.  

Coincidentally, 1090 AM THE MIGHTY skips everything that happened in Dan Sileo's radio career after 2012.  For San Diego residents that may want to get to know their new morning drive time host, let's recap, shall we?

March 2012 – Sileo is fired from WDAE Tampa for calling 3 African American NFL players "monkeys."

January 2013 – Sileo is suspended by WQAM Miami for a series of sexist tweets to Erin Andrews that included him telling her to "bake me a cake."

February 2013Sileo is fired from WQAM.

November 2013 – Sileo is fired by WMEN Miami for putting a bounty on a Florida State player on his Twitter account.  (Sileo couldn't even get the right picture of the guy he wanted the bounty put on.)  It is his third firing in less than two years.

At this point, it's worth asking the management of 1090 AM THE MIGHTY why exactly they endorse varying degrees of racist and sexist behavior and why they want to inflict such misery upon the good people of San Diego?  Are they that ignorant?  Do they not read the internet?  Do they just not care?  And we're not talking about some 30 watt station in a Nebraska cornfield.  We're talking about morning drivetime radio in the 17th biggest media market in the country!  The station deserves everything that's about to come to them.

Is sports talk radio in that much trouble that there are no individuals that can speak about sports into a microphone that aren't Dan Sileo?  On second thought, better not answer that question.  God speed, San Diego.

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