Your Week 6 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings!


Week 6's Top 10 and updated standings are after the jump.  Once again Matt Millen and his overalls are a runaway freight train in this year's Pammies, but who would have thought it would take till Week 6 for Gary Danielson's first appearance on the scoreboard?!?

10) "It has to be inconclusive video evidence." – Tim Couch (via sctvman)

9) "That's why Notre Dame paid him $18 million to go away." – Lou Holtz on Charlie Weis (via simandel)

8) "Dyersville, Ohio.  It's the Field of Dreams!" – Beth Mowins.  It's not heaven, it's not even Iowa. (via redveale)

7) "I love the big fatties running with the ball!" – Mike Mayock (via PTNetherton)

6) "If you're calling plays for Tennessee, you figure 'We gotta score'" – Gary Danielson, about a game in overtime. (via justfactsmaam)

5) "And you know what, there are some folks who are celebrating and others who are saying you've gotta be kidding me." – Brent Musburger with the not-so-veiled gambling reference.

4) "He may have pulled out a little bit early." – Kirk Herbstreit (via shamp1234)

3) "After the extra point, the Irish lead 6-6." – Tom Hammond (via PR_Crowley)

2) Chris Folwer: "So no woman belongs on the committee?"
David Pollack: "I'll say it, yea.  Yea!" (via AA)

1) "I saw him from the waist down, and he's pretty thick." – Matt Millen (via Afaucheux)

Week 6 Standings

1) Matt Millen 48 pts

T2) Mark May 27 pts, Lee Corso 27 pts, Lou Holtz 27 pts

5) Brent Musburger 17 pts

T6) Jesse Palmer 15 pts, Dan Hicks 15 pts

Others receiving votes: Glen Mason 13 pts, Don Criqui 10 pts, Rece Davis 9 pts, David Pollack 9 pts, Pete Najarian 9 pts, Chris Spielman 9 pts, Tom Hammond 8 pts, Brad Nessler 8 pts, Kirk Herbstreit 7 pts, Beth Mowins 7 pts, Eric Collins 7 pts, Spencer Tillman 7 pts, Brian Jones 6 pts, Ovie Mughelli 6 pts, Gary Danielson 5 pts, Joey Harrington 5 pts, Danny Kanell 5 pts,  Joey Galloway 4 pts, Ray Bentley 4 pts, Mike Mayock 4 pts, Chuck Long 3 pts, Justin Kutcher 2 pts, Sean McDonough 2 pts, Aaron Taylor 1 pt, Brian Griese 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt, Dave Pasch 1 pt, Tim Couch 1 pt.

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Your Week 6 Pammies Winners & Updated Standings!


College Gameday continues it's very strong showing this season with another winner thanks to Kirk Herbstreit's amazing commentary on an attractive woman eating while there's two new entrants into our Top 5 that come from the same broadcast booth.  The Pammies standings and your weekly Top 10 after the jump…

10) "Andy Murray trying to get something going before intermission." – Brent Musburger, is this football or tennis or a musical? (via katygrammer)

9) "I saw the San Francisco Giants try to take on Lawrence Taylor."- Brent Musburger (via sjwest86)

8) "You guys wanna share a snuggie too" – Mark May to Rece Davis & Lou Holtz (via sommeliermark)

7) "The fourth straight time NC State has beaten a ranked Florida State team when they were ranked." – Rece Davis." (via FlowyDNA)

6) "3rd down and 1…3rd and 19, I beg your pardon." – Verne Lundquist (via scotts03)

5) "That was a pre-determined play called in the huddle" – Eric Crouch (via erictaylor_et)

4) "This penalty might be on LSU. I don't know. There are only 2 teams out there so i might be right." – Gary Danielson (via chifan414)

3) "West Virginia 2 for 2 in 5 redzone trips so far.. 2 touchdowns, 2 field goals." – Gus Johnson (via notthefakebross)

2) "It's clear Stanford is going to have to outscore Arizona if they want to win." – Joel Klatt (via zonazoologist)

1) "She can't put that thing in her mouth…wow, that is huge!" – Kirk Herbstreit (via RYbbc121)

Week 6 Standings

1) Matt Millen 36 pts

2) Mark May 20 pts

3) Desmond Howard 19 pts

T4) Gary Danielson 15 pts, Verne Lundquist 15 pts

Others receiving votes: K, Lee Corso 12 pts, Gus Johnson 12 pts, Eric Crouch 12 pts, Andre Ware 10.5 pts, Kirk Herbstreit 10 pts, Brent Musburger 10 pts, Kevin Carter 10 pts, Erin Andrews 10 pts, Wendi Nix 10 pts, Charles Barkley 9 pts, Dave Neal 9 pts, Danny Kanell 9 pts, Carter Blackburn 9 pts, Joel Klatt 9 pts, David Feherty 8 pts, Glen Mason 8 pts, Eddie George 8 pts, Beth Mowins 8 pts, Dan Hawkins 7.5, Tom Hart 7 pts, Chris Martin 6 pts, Lou Holtz 6 pts, Jesse Palmer 5 pts, David Pollack 4 pts, Charles Davis 4 pts, Rece Davis 4 pts, Brad Nessler 3 pts, Brian Griese 2 pts, Dale Drypolcher 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt.