If you enjoy knockdown, dragout sports radio you'll love this segment from Mike Francesa's WFAN show today.  The host has a longtime feud with the New York Daily News (see his threats against @MikeFrancesaNY because of a quote the paper published) and invited on investigative reporter Michael O'Keeffe to debate the paper's coverage of Alex Rodriguez.  Francesa is unabashedly in the pro A-Rod camp (although he claims to have no personal connection to the controversial slugger) and has repeatedly slammed the NYDN for being slanted in their coverage.

This is one of the more explosive segments you'll hear this year and is classic Francesa.  If you take a drink any time one of them talks over the other or screams "LET ME FINISH" you may pass out by the time this 6 minute clip ends.

Unfortunately, this clip misses the best exchange during the segment below, although it does include O'Keeffe accusing Francesa and A-Rod engaging in a bro hug.  if you so wish, you can listen to the entire 40 minute segment here.