Wigan Athletic upset Manchester City to win their first ever FA Cup in a 1-0 thriller at Wembley Stadium.  Wigan's Ben Watson scored the dramatic game winner off a corner just after the 90 minutes were up.

Fox's Gus Johnson was on the call and absolutely lost his everloving mind when Watson's header found the back of the net.  Johnson's call was so explosive, his partner Ian Wright was clearly heard laughing and clapping along in the booth while Gus's brain matter was surely being wiped off the seats in front of them.  

Johnson and Fox have been heavily criticized in recent weeks as it has looked like the network's grand experiment to make Gus Johnson America's voice for soccer was failing.  The announcer has struggled with the flow of the game and even the basics like player identification.  Even though there were still some clear areas for improvement and a couple bobbles today, this FA Cup Final broadcast was Johnson and Wright's best work by far.  Granted, the broadcast was far from perfect, but it was a step forward for the pair today.

Most importantly, Fox got the moment they were always hoping for – Gus Johnson going crazy for a game winning goal in stoppage time in a cup final and providing a memorable call.  Maybe this is the moment that turns things around for Gus and Fox Soccer.

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