There's something insane about the way Australian broadcasters call their sports on radio.  It's not so much your detailed play by play to put the listener in the stadium as it is uncontrolled shouting, laughing, and chaos with a game happening behind it.  It's amazing.

We've featured a couple calls from Australia's Triple M radio for rugby league in the past, but this one comes from the station's AFL coverage and the weekend's game between St. Kilda and Fremantle.  It was the last game for retiring St. Kilda forward Stephen Milne (above), an All-Australian who was suspended this year for rape charges dating back to 2004 and has been named the most hated player in the AFL.

The Triple M team, led by James Brayshaw and Garry Lyon (who also co-host The Footy Show on Channel 9 in Oz), have taken to calling Milne "tip rat" as a term of endearment.  So as Milne kicked a goal in the victory against Fremantle, Brayshaw went absolutely bonkers, even making chewing noises for the call.  I think I even hear someone burp on air too…

Incredibly, St. Kilda's week got even weirder with that whole lighting a dwarf performer on fire thing.

I'm beginning to think the American sporting culture is way too dull for its own good.

[Triple M]

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