Oklahoma City Thunder play by play man Brian Davis was not happy with this sequence at the end of Sunday night's Blazers-Thunder game in Portland.  OKC had a four point lead late on and after a Blazers three, Portland needed to foul with the shot clock turned off.  A couple Thunder players almost get tackled in the backcourt and amazingly, no whistle is blown.  Luckily for the Thunder, Portland missed the ensuing layup and OKC went on to win 87-83.

As the ball is stolen in the above clip, Davis totally abandons any sense of actually calling the play and shouts "THAT'S GOTTA BE A FOUL, WHY IS THAT NOT A FOUL!!!"  Thank goodness he didn't leap over the scorer's table and charge the court with a flaming torch.  While that kind of bloodthirsty indignation sounds like the play by play incarnation of Tommy Heinshon, Davis is probably right in this case.