The Cleveland Browns had yet another terrible season that ended with a string of meaningless games as the franchise was as a playoff appearance faded away further out into the distance.  The Browns have had 10 losses or more in 10 out of 11 seasons, which is the kind of consistent year after year awfulness the NFL's parity is built to avoid.  The level of sucktitude in Cleveland is actually impressive when you think about it.  Now the Browns have fired head coach Rob Chudzinski after one year, which only drives the stake further into the hearts of Cleveland fans as they remember they were so close to Chip Kelly.

If there's one moment that could best summarize professional football in Cleveland, it's this humorous clip from Sunday's home game against the Steelers.

With the Browns in scoring territory, CBS analyst Steve Beurlein says the one thing the offense can't do is have a disastrous turnover.

Right on cue, the Browns had a disastrous turnover.

It's almost like watching Homer Simpson fight a losing battle with his brain.  Right now the Browns are competing neck and neck with the Washington Redskins for the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL, and maybe even all of sports.  Hope is fleeting in sports fandom as it is, where almost every season ends in some kind of heartbreak.  If there's a positive in all of this, at least Browns fans have no hope to begin with so they can avoid any type of feeling or emotion as it relates to their team.  As the franchise blows it up and start over again, at least Cleveland fans can look forward to now focusing on the Cavs, where things are much, much better.

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